Our process is similar to a beautiful ribbon bow on top of a special package, holding the package secure and adding a touch of class that just makes you feel special. At South Florida Party Planning, we’ve made that idea part of out core process. So like the 4 crisp loops of a ribbon bow, we focus on these 4 main steps (which we call our Special 4) to deliver your perfect event.
event strategy session
During the Event Strategy Session, we’ll cover a wide array of topics. We take this time to learn about your event, your ideas & goal, and to address any other pertinent info.
event planning
The Event Planning step is where the strategy comes to life. We’ll be handling the tough stuff: coordinating music, hiring performers or procuring custom catering, and many other services.
event preparation
Withing a couple days of your event, we engage in Event Preparation. We make sure the caterers, DJs, venues and the event teams are on the same page, ready to deliver on the day of your event.
event execution
Are you ready? It’s go time! Everyone has been well instructed of the event’s agenda and is perfectly-equipped to help you nail your Special 4.. Family, Friends, Joy & Memories.