No two events are ever the same, whether it’s a backyard BBQ or a high-profile corporate event. One of the primary reasons for that are the people in attendance. Each will have their own reason for making an appearance. The reasons guests show up runs the gamut, from well-wishers to the simply curious, depending upon the type of gathering it is.

A business-related function will typically be attended by individuals that are seeking to make connections, cut deals, or learn about new developments within the company or industry. People attending some types of business events expect to be stimulated, engaged and entertained, depending upon the purpose of the gathering.

Corporation award dinners and ceremonies will be comprised of a completely different audience and require a more elegant venue, menu, ambiance and entertainment. Inspirational speakers, authors and similar presenters will have different requirements that can encompass specific venues and types of menus and nothing in the way of entertainment. The elements that are not incorporated into an event are equally as important as those that are.

Events of a more personal nature such as weddings, reunions, or anniversaries require just as much planning and attention to detail. However, the environment is typically more relaxed and playful, which opens up a myriad of potential options for food, entertainment and even where the festivities take place. The age of those in attendance will play a role in the type of any entertainments that are planned.

The event will dictate much about the type of people that will be in attendance, their purpose and expectations. It’s critical to know your attendees whether you’re planning a party yourself or hiring a professional event/party planner to handle the dozens of details. It will have an impact on every element of the function and taking that into consideration will ensure a successful event and unique experience for everyone involved.

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