BBQs have become standard fare for birthday parties, anniversaries and reunions, but no one needs a specific reason to celebrate with a BBQ. It doesn’t matter how many guests will be arriving, if custom cuisine is desired, or there will be vegans or attendees with food allergies, South Florida Party Planning has a menu for everyone.

In times past, a BBQ meant cooking half a hog or a side of beef over an open fire for days prior to the party. Today’s caterers have simplified the concept and do all the work for hosts, enabling them to join in the festivities without spending all their time at the spit or endless hours on the grill.

Meat is always the centerpiece and main event at a BBQ and can feature everything from steaks and pulled pork to chicken and seafood. Food can be cooked on-site by chefs, complete with serving staff. Caterers provide beverages, table service, and even perform the clean-up duties.

Individuals can even choose to serve hors d’oeuvres before the BBQ if they desire. With the availability of custom menus, hosts can serve their guests any combination of cuisine they’d like to make the event uniquely their own and that includes a wide variety of beverage combinations for children and adults.

No BBQ is complete without finger foods and side dishes ranging from traditional standards to new-found favorites. Hosts can choose all their favorite sides that include baked beans, pasta salads, corn on the cob, and fruit salads. Finger foods are essential and can include deviled eggs, stuffed cornbread or biscuits, stuffed meatballs, mini quiches, and stuffed peppers. Anything on a skewer is always fun to eat.

The possibilities for a BBQ are endless, whether it’s a traditional event or one that breaks all the rules and is thoroughly modern. Don’t forget the desserts that can range from fruit salads, key lime pie and rum cake to brulee, bread pudding, and churros.

South Florida Party Planning does all the work so that you can have all the fun. Let us help make your event successful from start to finish. South Florida Party Planning offers services & event rentals to address all your event needs. Are you looking for a comprehensive event planning service? No problem, that’s our specialty. Talk with an Event Specialist today!  (855) 532.5507

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