A DJ is an asset for any event, whether it’s a formal wedding, a family gathering, or a corporate function. The masters of the music do far more than simply provide music. They can work from a pre-planned menu of tracks, chose songs on the fly that matches the excitement level of the crowd, and make music transitions smooth and seamless.

At their best, DJs can read the crowd and know whether a fast or a slow track is wanted and in what genre. The professionals keep the music flowing and, believe it or not, the conversation going. They know how to get people up on the floor dancing rather than sitting on the sidelines. They have an extensive music library and can take requests.

DJs are also entertainers in their own right and know music inside out. He/she will be well-versed in multiple genres and be able to provide the correct music whether they’re performing golden oldies, boogie-woogie, jazz, reggae or ska. They know their equipment and the effects it will generate that accommodate the venue, event and the audience.

In some instances, a DJ also acts as an emcee, making announcements in a professional manner. One of the great advantages of having a DJ perform at any event is that he/she will keep music playing continuously throughout the event. Everyone has been to a reception where the host provided music via an iPod or laptop and guests spent more time deciding what to play than being on the dance floor.

A DJ is a definite asset to any gathering from memorials and weddings to retirements and holiday parties. Their primary function is to provide music, but they also work to make people feel happy and festive. The right DJ will ensure a memorable occasion for everyone in attendance.

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