Successful events don’t just happen. They’re carefully choreographed and planned functions that require a comprehensive strategy to ensure all the details from the largest to the smallest are taken into account. Strategic event planning requires efficiency, organizational skills, time and effort, and the ability to develop and stay within a budget, not to mention exceptional communication skills.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning a small, intimate gathering or a large corporate event, a strategy is required to ensure that your vision for the event matches its goals and what it’s intended to accomplish. A strategy ensures that the budget is adequate and attendees will obtain the intended impact. That can include inviting media reps, social media influencers and speakers or simply obtaining the appropriate games, equipment and amusements.

The timeline for planning can be challenging, but it’s an integral part of your strategy to ensure venues are booked, dates confirmed, menus approved, and entertainment is scheduled. A timeline will provide a critical guide to ensure each detail is attended to in a timely and regimented manner.

Many venues have strict rules about in and out times for vendors, delivery services and other suppliers. Some establishments also have precise protocols for who enters and where. Part of your strategy for any event will encompass the logistics of those details and ensuring everyone is informed. Failure to do so can make or break any function.

When planning any event, a sound strategy is required to ensure that each task is clearly defined and that every element is scheduled, approved, and takes place on time. As with any undertaking, the budget will play a major role and an event strategy is essential to staying within budget. It’s helpful to factor in 15 percent more than the basic costs in case of unforeseen circumstances or that something was missed in the original planning.

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